Preparing for your appointment

Of An Estate

If possible, obtain a copy of the Will and bring it with you to your appointment.

If there is more than one executor named in the Will, please attend together if possible.

Bring a copy of the Death Certificate.

Bring information about the deceased (full name, death certificate, date of birth, address at the time of death).

Provide addresses of all beneficiaries.

Write down and bring in all of your questions as well as two pieces of identification.

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Consider watching this video: What to consider when planning your Will.

Think about who would want to be the executor or estate trustee.

Think about whom you want the beneficiaries to be. This could include specific gifts to charities or people as well as distributing the residue of the estate in accordance with your wishes.

Make a list of what assets you have (eg. house, investments, business interests, etc.) and if any of them already have named beneficiaries.

Consider who you would want to make decisions about your property or personal care should there be a need.

Write down and bring in all of your questions as well as two pieces of identification.


How much is this going to cost?
It depends. Every situation and client are different. We respect and understand that. Our goal is to provide each client with legal services at a cost-effective rate. We request that you contact our office so that we can discuss your questions and concerns with you.
Do you offer one-time meetings and/or Independant Legal Advice?
Yes. We are able to provide independent legal advice on all aspects of our practice areas for a one-time fee.
My matter is urgent. Will you take my matter/case?
Please contact our office immediately and we will discuss your matter to see if we can accommodate you. Prior to accepting any matter it is important to us that we have the necessary resources and availability to devote to ensure that all clients receive the care and attention they deserve.
What is a Will?
A Will ( or a Last Will and Testament) is a legal document that is an expression of your wishes of how your estate (all of your assets and debts) should be addressed or divided upon your death.
Do I need to make an appointment in advance?
Yes. It is extremely unlikely that we would be able to fit an additional client in around other commitments and appointments. Out of respect to other clients walk-in clients can rarely be accommodated.
What are Powers of Attorney?
Powers of Attorney allow a person, whom you choose, to make decisions on your behalf. With these documents it is a way to make sure that your wishes are known so that they can then be respected if you are unable to make these decisions in the future.
What is the difference between a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and a Power of Attorney for Property?
A Power of Attorney for Property gives the person you name the power to make decisions about your finances, home, and possessions. This document comes into effect immediately unless the document states otherwise. A Power of Attorney for Personal Care allows you to name a substitute decision maker to make personal care decisions if you are mentally incapable of making these decisions in the future.
I want to make a Will. What do I need to bring?
Nothing! Please just bring yourself and your questions. If you’d like to watch a video in advance here is a link:
I want to do Powers of Attorney? What do I need to bring?
Nothing! Please just bring yourself and your questions. We can chat about your Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property when you’re here.
A loved one just died. What should I do now?
First of all, we’re sorry for your loss. If you’re reading this webpage you likely don’t want to be. We understand that and our goal is to try to make this process easier for you. 

Administering an estate, especially following a loved one's death, can be challenging. We can help you throughout the process.

You’re welcome to contact us to schedule an appointment and we can review with you the next steps that are applicable in your situation. Every loss is different and we want to offer your specific help.


Thank you Martha! I know Dad's estate was more complicated than any of us ever expected. I'm really thankful in the midst of this you're handling it...Thank you for calling [my neice] to explain the process in their time zone. It really meant a lot to her to reach out like that. Your kindness and caring has made the process go much smoother....I really appreciated your candour last week too.

CC Ottawa

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