Stephanie Toms

Wills & Estates Clerk

Wills & Estates

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Stephanie's Experience

I graduated from the Advanced Law Clerk Diploma Program at Durham College, with honours, in 2013.

My career began practicing municipal, corporate, civil litigation, small claims, wills and estates law. In 2019, I accepted a role as a Wills & Estates Law Clerk, where I was given the ability to work with Seabourne Geale-Barker. Working with Seabourne has greatly increased my knowledge and passion for estate planning with her being greatly experienced in this area.

Joining Sullivan Law with Seabourne came as a huge honour. I have now become a part of a wonderful firm that is well known for their care and compassion for their clients, staff and community. It is an exciting new leg of my journey and I look forward to years and years with Sullivan Law Ptbo!

What do you enjoy about your job?

There are so many aspects of my job that I enjoy but I think the best parts are:

  • My constant interactions with the clients and the connections and bonds made with them throughout the estate planning process or the estate administration process; and
  • The ever-changing area of wills and estates law where no two clients are the same and the dynamics are constantly changing. It is a job where I am always learning something new.

What is your goal when a client comes to see you?

To provide my clients with the best version of myself and provide them with the knowledge and experience that they require for their particular experience with our office.

What is something interesting about you that you'd like your clients to know?

I had ties to Markham and to Bobcaygeon so I grew up with the benefits of city life and country life. I began raising my family in Scarborough and while my children were young, I was given the opportunity to move my family to the Kawarthas and so began my adult life exclusively in “the country”.

What do other people at Sullivan Law Ptbo say about you?

Stephanie loves what she does! It shows in how she interacts with clients and her constant desire to learn more. She also really loves her truck which has a special parking spot at the office!

Fun Fact

  • I was introduced to the local Air Cadet program in Peterborough for my children as an extra-curricular activity in 2014 and in the last seven years, watched my youngest son grow through the program, volunteered as a parent with the program, and then enrolled as a CIC Officer with 534 “Raider” Royal Canadian Air Cadets and continue to work with our area’s youths ranging from 12-18. It has been a rewarding experience that I am so thrilled to be apart of.