Krystal Keenan

Corporate, Wills & Estates Clerk

Business & Corporate    |    Wills & Estates

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Krystal's Experience

I grew up in the Niagara region and am happy to continue to call it home. I initially went to school for psychology and sociology before my curiosity for law got the better of me leading me to enrol in the Law Clerk program at Niagara College and graduating in 2017.
I started my career at a small firm in St. Catharines where I learned all about Wills and Estates before transitioning to a much larger firm in 2021 where I had the opportunity to add Corporate law to my repertoire. Each field brings its own challenges and unique process which I have come to greatly enjoy in my time as a Law Clerk.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love being able to maneuver between different fields and experience the variety and challenges that come with each one. I have always enjoyed the meticulous and analytical skills that the law often requires and have always found it particularly interesting to learn the reason why certain laws have been set in the place and the history that surrounds them.

What is your goal when a client comes to see you?

My goal is to ensure that when clients come to me for support or assistance that they feel heard and are comfortable asking me any questions they may have. I will always strive to provide the fullest, clearest, and most compassionate assistance to my clients so they are able to leave the conversation knowing that they are in good hands.

What is something interesting about you that you'd like your clients to know?

I have given serious thought and even created a draft business plan to create and sell my own uniquely crafted scented oils and candles.

Fun Fact

  • I have a nerdy side that loves to binge watch Harry Potter at least once a year and am a huge fan of anything nicely scented. At home I have perfumes, body sprays, scented candles, wax melts, wall plug ins, etc. You name it, I got it.

Professional Stats:

  • I graduated my Law Clerk program on the honour roll and as one of the top of my class.