When Families Grow Apart

Family law can be incredibly challenging. There are no 'winners'. When families separate the best case scenario is trying to minimize the collateral damage on the children, spouse's relationship, and finances. No one forms a family hoping to split it later. It isn't an ideal situation. We believe realizing and accepting this is critical to working with and for clients. However in the midst of the challenges there are opportunities to create a positive new normal for the parties. Our goal is to work together with our clients to find solutions to minimize the challenges and move to that new lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Sullivan Law Ptbo provides the following services that could be applicable upon the separation of a family:
- Parenting post separation (decision-making, custody or access)
- Financially supporting children post-separation (child support and extraordinary expenses
- Spousal Support
- Division of Property
- Representation of both common law and married spouses
- Simple Divorce

How can you prepare for an appointment to discuss a family law matter?

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