CR, Real Estate Agent, Peterborough

I recommended a client of mine [...] to you with regards to the purchase of her first home. I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of her! I saw her today when I dropped off a little house warming gift and she told me that you had met with her and her aunt on a Saturday to sign paperwork. Wow that was so nice of you to accommodate them on a Saturday. [She] said everything went smooth and she really enjoyed working with you.

A.J.S.D., Notary Client, Toronto

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for seeing   me on such short notice today.  You were very gracious and accommodating. I really appreciate it...[M]y  son, was excited to meet a lawyer for the first time and was very impressed.

JS, Peterborough

"BTW thanks for everything you did for me in this whole house situation...!" 

CC, Ottawa

Thank you Martha! I know Dad's estate was more complicated than any of us ever expected. I'm really thankful in the midst of this you're handling it...Thank you for calling [my neice] to explain the process in their time zone. It really meant a lot to her to reach out like that. Your kindness and caring has made the process go much smoother....I really appreciated your candour last week too.

VR, Kingston

Martha has an exceptionally strong eye for detail and she has a very calm demeanor, which I was grateful for, in and out of the courtroom. Martha's strong sense of organization helped her instill confidence in me as I hired her as my lawyer for the past 4 years.

Martha is an extremely talented attorney who cares a great deal about her clients and her firm. I can say, as a previous client, you will be in good hands through Family Court. 

CH, Ottawa

.....Thank you for everything....You did my Separation Agreement from [ex-spouse], transferred the house, did my will, then this round (where I learned!) and did the Cohab before buying the new house and doing new wills with [spouse]. Thank goodness [friend] referred me to you!....

AF, Ottawa

Thank you for everything you did for [my son] and I last week. It was a hard day and I wasn't looking forward to it but as you said I felt comfortable and confident knowing you'd be there with me. I feel like we are a team. 

MSK and BW, Ottawa

Just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for all you and [your assistant] did to help us buy our home last week...Thank you for alleviating our concerns and reviewing the numbers so we actually got it! 

EHC and MC, Ottawa

Thank you for taking the time last week when we met. Your sensitivity made the process [of drafting wills] much easier...