How We Practice Law

We are here to help. We will ensure you understand what’s going on in your matter and why. We want to make this process easier for you. You can only make good decisions when you feel comfortable and confident having all of the knowledge necessary. That’s why all of us are here.

At Sullivan Law Ptbo we divide the tasks so we can provide high quality of client service at cost-effective rates. We really enjoy working together with and for you to ensure that you have a good experience and receive legal services that are tailored to you at cost-effective rates.


Being a contributing and responsible member of the community, for Sullivan Law Ptbo, is being involved. More importantly it’s enjoyable and this is how we keep our community awesome.

Martha is open to participating in different initiatives and opportunities. She has done everything from leading mock trials with elementary school students to speaking with seniors’ groups about estate planning and from training social service agencies about legal process for survivors of domestic violence to speaking at marriage preparation courses about the legal consequences of marriage. If there is a community event or opportunity that you could use some extra help with and you believe Martha could be a good fit with we’d like to chat about it. Please send us an e-mail to


Sullivan Law Ptbo is very proud that it is and will be continuing a legal tradition that began in or about the 1950s with Justice Richard Batten and continued with Mr. William Davidson. Mrs. Lois Davidson then joined Mr. Davidson in his practice. Mrs. Davidson, many believe, was the first female lawyer in Peterborough. Her dedication to the legal community and particularly to the law library caused for it to be named in her honour the ‘Lois C. Davidson Law Library’. After Mr. Davidson’s sudden death Mr. Scott McMichael joined Lois and McMichael Davidson was created. Mr. McMichael has been carrying on this practice since Mrs. Davidson’s retirement in 2003. In April 2017 Sullivan Law Ptbo began sharing space with McMichael Davidson and will merge their firms in January 2018.

If you are looking for a will that may have been executed with the following lawyers please contact Sullivan Law Ptbo for assistance:

  • Scott McMichael
  • Lois Davidson
  • William Davidson
  • His Honour Mr. Justice Richard Batten